Canon Wireless Printer Setup

Canon Wireless Printer Setup
How To Connect Canon Printer To Wifi

How To Connect Canon Printer to Wireless

Regardless of whether you have to print without wires through a wireless network to a desktop or laptop, this article can make them print without limits in minutes.

  1. Power on your Canon wireless printer after you have expelled it from the bundling. Addition the ink cartridges when provoked on the screen. Your first printer ink cartridges are incorporated. On the off chance that you have a computer effectively connected to a desktop or Windows XP, jump to step 7.
  2. Print and scan the alignment sheet as incited on the printer screen. Press OK when done.
  3. Supplement the setup CD regardless of whether you are connecting your Canon printer by means of wireless network. There are printer drivers made for wireless networks on this CD.
  4. Adhere to the CD setup instructions on the screen. Have the printer locate the real wi-fi network signal that you will utilize and choose that on the printer screen and on your computer. The wi-fi light will be on when the network is connected.
  5. Print a test page from your computer when everything is finished on the screen and on the off chance that you are provoked by the Canon setup CD to do as such.
  6. Go into printers and guarantee Canon is set as your default printer. This will guarantee all software will utilize this as your essential printer. There will be a check mark by it.
  7. Go into printer setup and look for a printer connected by means of network on your computer. This may take a couple of minutes. You should empower printer and file sharing on the two computers previously you will probably see a USB connected printer on a network.
  8. Select utilize this printer when it finds your printer. Ensure it is set to be the default printer and print a test page.