Canon Wireless Printer Setup Guide

Willing to establish a successful canon printer wireless setup, but are you not able to do it? Or have you spent a lot of time in this process? You need not waste your time anymore. We have listed the best steps that you will have to follow to set up the canon printer wirelessly. To begin with the process, you will have to connect the canon printer to a Wi-Fi and then you will have to connect that printer to the computer.

Canon Wireless Printer Setup

How to Connect Canon Printer to Wi-Fi?

Follow the below steps:

  • Turn on your printer by choosing the power button.
  • From the settings menu, go to the device settings option and then click ok.
  • Then choose the LAN settings and then click ok.
  • Then select wireless LAN settings and then choose ok.
  • Now the printer will search for the Wi-Fi network and this time you will find a light blinking.
  • If it takes a long time in searching for a Wireless network click stop and then you will be taken to the wireless LAN settings.
  • Then choose Wi-Fi network and then click ok.
  • Enter the Wi-Fi password and then tap Ok.
  • Now you will receive a connected prompt.

Add Canon Printer to the Computer:

  • Click Windows Logo + R together, now copy and paste the link in the box and then click ok.
  • Now choose add a printer option and then follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Once the process is completed, try to take a test printout.