Canon Printer Setup Windows 10

Canon Printer Setup Windows 10
Canon Printer Setup

To experience the best performance of the canon printer you will have to download the printer driver once the canon printer and the Windows 10 is connected. You can download the driver from the canon printer website by following the below mentioned steps.

Canon has many official websites like USA, UK and Europe Websites, but the same model will not be available so download and install driver from the browser.

Canon Printer Setup Windows 10

Steps to Download and Install Canon Printer Driver:

  • Type Canon+PrinterModel+Driver in the Google Search bar and press enter.
  • The link will be displayed, move to that link to begin with the download process.
  • Then choose the operating system that you prefer.
  • Then choose download to download the drivers.
  • Then double tap on the downloaded file to begin with the installation process.
  • Downloading the right driver manually is not a easy task but by following the below details it will be easier.

Product Model Name:

By knowing the product name, you can easily find out the driver download page. But finding the right page might be complex for devices like video card, network board, mother board and so on.

Specific Operating System:

Make sure whether you are using compatible drivers, if not then you may face problems.

Right Version of the Driver:

There are many versions of driver, so you will have to choose the right version of the driver to download.